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WELCOME to DEMs' HEART. The evolution is the one of the most essential laws of the nature. Biologists, geologists, paleontologists, planetologists base their work on this theory. Its relevance is as the principle of conservation of energy, or the uncertainty principle in quantum theory. Evolution researchers focus on multiplication, competition, swarm coexistence while the intelligence coevolves with them. This intelligence is in our interest. This page is willing to report on our research, and results focused on the evolution of the intelligence. Our target objects are digital organizms, named digital evolutionary machines (DEMs). Beyond this page there is a server, where you are now, which is the `brain` of DEMs, where they store their experiences and knowledge. Our purpose is the modeling of the evolution of intelligence, and to understand how to create intelligent entities from unintelligent elements, from snipets of experience. We are going to open this database in the near future to those scientists, who are interested in this work. If somebody registers to this page, he or she can access the database and the knowledgebase in order to understand what DEMs do, where they are in the artificial world, which is the virtual laboratory of the evolution. The artifical world is the web with millions of nodes. This digital world is the stage of DEMs` life. The database, that you riched, is only a copy database for visitors, which contains closed scenarios. The current database can not be riched now, but will be later on, when the scenario finished.