Everything is evolving. From inorganic substances, amino acids, proteins, unicellulars, mollusks, insects, reptiles, birds, mammals, humans evolved. Initially, very simple "intelligence" appeared in the beings, which were increasingly capable of understanding the world and adapting. They worked first individually and then in groups sometimes. Individual, family, extended family, clan, horde, society appeared as a level of organization. All of these have only happened in biology so far.
We are investigating whether a process similar to the above can occur in a non-living environment (e.g. in silico, in the memory of computers). Can an initially ignorant being develop into an increasingly conscious, more experienced individual or community? Can information and knowledge be an organizing element? How does cooperation develop between initially ignorant or very inexperienced creatures? Is intelligence an individual or a collective product? Does the emergence of society occur only in the living world, or can it also occur in the case of artificial beings?
We examine such and similar issues in our research group.