PhD, habil. associate professor
  Faculty of Informatics
  Phone: 372-2500/6726,   
  e_mail: elek (at)
  Open hours:   Monday 10:30-12:00 h
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Curriculum vitae

Name: Istvan ELEK
Birth-date, place: 10th of December, 1956, Budapest, Hungary
Education:Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE), from 1976 till 1981, MSc in geophysics


  • Theory of the robust statistical estimations (1984, University of Miskolc)
  • Training in USA for two months concerning to the software development in oil industry (modeling, GIS, statistics) (1986, Occidental, Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  • Programming in C language (1988, The Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
  • English on Business (European Business School, London, 1989)
  • Training in Zurich for two months concerning development, organization and implementation of object-oriented GIS by SYSTEM 9 (1992., PRIME Computervision, Zurich)
  • GIS course (INTERGRAPH, Hague, 1991)
  • Image processing course on satellite images (ER Mapper Europe, London, Stuttgart, 1996)
  • courses in 2001, 2003, 2009, 2010
Language: English (fluent) and Italian (basic level)


  • Dr. univ. of geophysics, (1988, ELTE, dissertation: "Geophysical Applications of Principal Component Analysis")
  • Ph.D.  (2001, ELTE, dissertation: "An application of geographical information systems in oil industry")
  • Habilitation (2009, ELTE, dissertation: "Automatic raster-vector conversion in geoinformatics")
Books and chapters:

  • Ivanyi at al (including I. Elek): Informatical algorithms, ELTE Eotvos kiado (publisher), 2004 (in Hungarian)
  • Istvan Elek: Introduction to GIS, ELTE Eotvos kiado (publisher), 2006 (in Hungarian)
  • Istvan Elek: GIS in practice, ELTE Eotvos kiado (publisher), 2007 (in Hungarian)
  • Ivanyi et al (including I. Elek): English-Hungarian informatical vocabulary, Tinta kiado, 2008 (in Hungarian)
  • Istvan Elek: Databases, maps, information systems; ELTE Eotvos kiado (publisher), 2010
  • Istvan Elek: Topological spatial datastructures; Typotex kiado (publisher), 2015
  • Istvan Elek: Spontaneous emergence of the intelligence; ELTE Eotvos kiado (publisher), 2015
Other scientific events:

Computer skills:

  • Programming languages: FORTRAN 77, TURBO PASCAL, HTML 4, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET)
  • RDBMS: MySql, MSSQL Server, Postgres/PostGIS
  • GIS developer kitts: MapControlSuites 4, AspMap, SharpMap2.0, GMaps
  • Practice in: SYSTEM 9, ER Mapper, ArcGIS, MapInfo, Vertical Mapper, Global Mapper, Quantum GIS
  • Operation systems: Solaris, Windows, Linux
  • Other: Experienced in Latex2E, MSOffice, LibreOffice
Member of

  • John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT)
  • IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
  • International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)
  • Internatonal Conference of Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition international committe (AIPR-2009, 2010)
  • Reviewer of International Journal of Remote Sensing (Taylor & Francis Group)

1981 - 1990: SZKFI (Hungarian Hydrocarbon Institute) as a research fellow


  • data processing and interpretation; software and method development regarding to multivariate statistical methods, time-series and trend-analysis, solution of not-well-defined problems and graphical programs
  • numeric modelling of electromagnetic vawe propagation in layered materials
  • the investigation of expert systems. I and my colleagues developed a geophysical expert system.
  • I have been dealing with sale of our own programs. Some of our programs were sold successfully for Eastern-European countries.

1990 - 1991: GEOMETRIA GIS Systems House Ltd. as a project manager


  • Making plans of geographical information system, and making management, railway information system for MAV, utilities: Electricity works of Budapest, Water works of Budapest, education of GIS.

1991 - 2003: ISIS Ltd. as a president


  • I prepared the long term strategy plan and the detailed system plan for the National Authority for Nature Conservation for EC PHARE office.
  • I was the project manager of a GIS project for the National Authority for Nature Conservation.
  • I was a project manager of a GIS project for Ministry of Labour Issues targeted handling of unemployment.
  • Based on my system design a decision support system was introduced in the Ministry of Interior
  • I was a system planer and project leader for an agricultural GIS project handling soil information.
  • I prepared the sytem plan for the geogrphical information system of Torokbalint city focused on land registration and facility management.
  • We developed a electromagnetic power field analysing system for mobil phones in Westell 900 GSM.
  • I was the project manager and the system designer of the information system for the Hungarian Oil Company (MOL) for foreign concession activity on the oil researche for three years.
  • I was the project manager and the system designer of the information system for the Hungarian Oil Company (MOL) in Turkey.
  • I have been the project manager and the system designer of the information system for Syrian oil researche for the Hungarian Oil Company (MOL).
  • I have been the leader of the ISO 9001 quality management system at ISIS
  • I made some Microsoft VisualStudio application with ESRI MapObjects and Mapinfo MapX for local governments and Ministry of Environment
  • I was a supervisor of the cadastral information system for Budapest Land and Parcel Offices (ORACLE, INFOCAM systems)
  • I made the Nature Conservation Index for Ministry of Environment, that is an integrated Visual Basic application including 2 GB data (photos, maps, descriptions) on every national park and protected area in Hungary.

2003 - : Eotvos Lorand University, Faculty of Computer Science, Department of Geoinformatics, as a habil. associate professor.


  • Giving lectures on spatial information systems and databases, and software development in C#
  • Lead PhD students on evolution modelling and big spatial databases
  • Big data: a digital map archive has been being developed. Recent size is 0.5TByte
  • Machine learning: research and develop digital evolutionary machine's world
  • Spatial databases: research spatial topological data structures