PhD, habil. associate professor
  Faculty of Informatics
  Phone: 372-2500/6726,   
  e_mail: elek (at)
  Open hours:   Monday 10:30-12:00 h
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My books and book chapters

  • Iványi at al (including a chapter dealing with numerical and graph algorithms in GIS, written by I. Elek): Informatical algorithms, ELTE Eötvös kiadó, 2004 (in Hungarian), ISBN 963 9193 90 9
  • István Elek: Introduction to GIS, ELTE Eötvös kiadó, 2006 (in Hungarian), ISBN 963 463 864 3
  • István Elek: GIS in practice, ELTE Eötvös kiadó, 2007 (in Hungarian)
  • Klinghammer (ed): Studia Cartologica, Map-Science (including a chapter dealing with the possibilties of automatic raster-vector conversion, written by I. Elek)
  • Iványi et al (including I. Elek): English-Hungarian informatical vocabulary, Tinta kiadó, 2008 (in Hungarian)
  • István Elek: Databases, maps, information systems, ELTE Eötvös kiadó,2010, ISBN 978 963 312 039 2, Download
  • Istvan Elek: Topologic data structures (in Hungarian), Typotex kiadó, 2015, ISBN 978-963-279-862-2
  • Istvan Elek: Spontaneous emergence of the intelligence (in Hungarian) ELTE Eötvös kiadó, 2015, ISBN 978-963-312-236-5
  • Istvan Elek: Emergence of Intelligence, NOVA Science Publishers, New York, 2018, ISBN 978-1-53613-545-9