PhD, habil. associate professor
  Faculty of Informatics
  Dept. of Cartography and Geoinformatics
  Phone: 372-2500/6726,   
  e_mail: elek (at)
  Open hours:   Monday 10:30-12:00 h
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Image processing software development

"Image processing software development"

  • Theoretical summary (color modells, color depth, intensity transformations, simple functions)
  • Mathematical basis of some image processing functions (time and frequency domain, Fourier-transform, convolution integral)
  • Theory of the digital filters, and practical filters
  • Some image data format, including satellite image formats (ArcInfo BIL, ENVI BIL, DDM)
  • Software development tools for image processing
  • Bitmap to byte array conversion, and vica versa
  • Samples #1: Develop a raster viewer program, which reads and displays large satellite (BIL) and 3D (DDM) datasets
  • Samples #2: Develop a filter program, which contains many filter functions (color inversion, grayscal conversion, low and high pass filters, median filter, edge detectors, and so on)
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