The Wumpus-world has some protagonists, such as one or more Wumpus, one or more gold bullets, agents and passive players, and are traps that pose a threat to agents. There are also phenomena that the agents perceive (stench, breeze, glitter) and which with the correct interpretation, can make a good decision and find gold. DEM workers are different than the traditional agents. They have no preliminary knowledge and imagination on labyrinths, but they remeber everything that happened to them.
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My name is Istvan Elek (PhD) from Eotvos Lorand University , Faculty of Computer Science , Budapest, Hungary. I am a habil. associate professor at the university. Look at my home page  if you are wondering who I am and what I do. DEM project is my favorite research topic. My first publication on digital evolution machines was published in 2008 in US. Almost every year I published the latest results. If you have troubles with installation or any DEM question do not hesitate to contact me by email: elek(at)