The Wumpus-world has some protagonists, such as one or more Wumpus, one or more gold bullets, agents and passive players, and are traps that pose a threat to agents. There are also phenomena that the agents perceive (stench, breeze, glitter) and which with the correct interpretation, can make a good decision and find gold. DEM workers are different than the traditional agents. They have no preliminary knowledge and imagination on labyrinths, but they remeber everything that happened to them.
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The Wumpus-world is an artificial environment for representing a logical agent. The agent has an ability of perception that is always correct, ie it does not detect the circumstances incorrectly. Its operation and movement are restricted by rules. The agent's goal is to gain the gold in the Wumpus world and leave the world with the gold. The figure shows the structure of Wumpus world.
The Wumpus world is actually a labyrinth where there is a gold bullet, which is guarded by a monster (Wumpus). The labyrinth is made up of rooms that are separated by walls or doors. Some rooms have traps that are filled water. The agent walks from room to room and looks for the gold. If the agent enters a room, where there is a trap, or a living Wumpust, he dies (dead Wumpus is not dangerous, it's just stinky). The Wumpus is sitting in the adjacent room of the gold and waiting for the agent. The agent is informed on various phenomena about the world's structure, for example, there is a stench in those rooms bordering with Wumpus, and in the rooms bordered by the trap there breeze blows. And finally, agent detects a glitter in adjacent rooms of the gold. The agent can detect these phenomena. He has another capabilities, such as he can shoot his arrow (but only one) with which he can kill Wumpus. He is able to go from room to room, if needed. With these capabilities, the agent can find gold, kill Wumpust, and go out the labyrinth.
The previous text described the past, where rule-based logic was implemented. Agents knew the rules, and based on the rational thinking, powerfull strategies were created. This was a kind of simulation of human rational thinking. Although this site is about a probabilistic Wumpus-world, where there is no rational thinking. Agents have perceptive capabilities, but they have no any knowledge about this world. They movement is probabilistic. Later on the analysis of their fate will figure out the right strategy. It means, that their intelligence comes from the community. Since they are in a swarm the knowledge, which was created by successful agents' fate is a common value of this community. If you wonder what happened to them, look at the analyzer.